Djibrirou Kane is a visual artist from Senegal, West Africa. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio where he creates and displays his Art. His favorite medium is acrylic paint which he applies on textured canvas. He also works in several other media such as: graphite, markers, colored pencils and ink.
The themes he explores are diverse.
They include: oral tradition,music, education, the green world, the status of women in traditional Africa,the beauty of cultural diversity,great historical figures.
The most important aspect about his art is that it constantly strives
to promote ideals  of peace,unity,tolerance amd justice.
Djibrirou Kane strongly believes that the artists can make a difference. Art is a powerful tool of communication. Used efficiently Art
can educate, uptift, unite and contribute in the building of better communities.


                                Art shows

1999     Group show titled "Kumpeu" at Quai des Arts in Saint-Louis, Senegal

2000      Group show at" Galerie Nationale d'Art" in Dakar, Senegal

2000       Group show at " Galerie Thiouth" Saint-Louis, Senegal


2002       Art show at Gaston Berger univeristy with artist
Patrick Mounaty Coly

2003        Individual art show at the Graduate student council gallery in Bascom Hall at  the University of Wisconsin-Madison

2004       participation at the COMFEST( Columbus, community festival )

2005        Individual art show at Roots Gallery in Columbus Ohio

2007        Front Street Gallery in Columbus, Ohio

2008         Group show sponsored by CATF( Columbus, Aids, Task force)
at the Columbus Museum of Art)

artist/vendor during African Liberation Day event at the Winnie Mandela Intergenerational School in Chicago, Illinois

2013  participation at the African Village Arts festival  Columbus, Ohio

2014    artist/vendor  at the Kings Arts Complex during Kwanzaa celebration   Columbus, Ohio


              Art Projects

1997       Mural painted at Blaise Diagne school in collaboration with artist Camara Laye   Dakar, Senegal

2002    Design of a cover for Safara Magazine at Gaston Berger University

2002      Drawing mentor on a summer camp for children sponsored by on government organization:
Yes With African    Saint-Louis, Senegal

2003        Design of a cover for Umoja Magazine  in Madison, Wisconsin

2003        Illustrations done for a Children book titled:  The Adventures of Dan Aiki  published by Dan Aiki publications in Madison Wisconsin

 2009    Works as an art consultant in collaboration with teacher and artist Lisa Harris at the Columbus Africentric School.

2013  Leads summer art workshops  at the Godman Guild Foundation in Columbus,Ohio

Currently teaches Art in the 21st century program in Columbus, Ohio

Honors and Awards

1997       winner of a drawing contest on the theme of      AIDS organized by GEEP( Group pour l'etude et l'enseignement de la population)       Dakar, Senegal

2002   Recipient of a scholarship to study at UW-Madison

2007     guest/artist on community tapestry TV show 
Columbus, Ohio

2003  Certificate of exellence awarded by the University of Wisconsin-Graduate School and graduate council following a very successful show at the Bascom Hall Gallery.

2008     People's choice awardee of a fundraiser art show organized by CATF( Columbus Aids Task Force)


1998   Baccalaureate degree   Groupe Scolaire les 
Pedaguogues   school           Dakar,Senegal

2001 Bachelors degree in English with a specialization in African Literature and civilization from Gaston Berger University
2006 Interpreter's certificate from Access 2 interpreters in Columbus Ohio

2013 TESOL( teaching English to Speakers of other Languages) substitute license from Ohio department of Education


Extract from TV show Community Tapestry  taped in 2007 

                           Title: Dancing Tree
                    Medium: acrylic paint on canvas
                               Size: 30" by 40"

                           Title: Bird by Waterfall

                        Medium: acrylic paint on canvas

                                 size: 30" by 40" 

                                  Title:  Fulani Beauty

                                  Technique: acrylic paint on paper

                                 Size:  22" by 28"

                                       Title: Head tie

                              Medium : acrylic paint on canvas

                                       Size: 30" by 40" 

              Title: Guitar player in traditional attire

               Medium: acrylic paint on canvas

                              Size: 30" by 40" 



Title: Visions of panafricanism

Medium: acrylic paint on canvas

Title: Roots

Medium: acrylic paint on canvas

size: 22"by28"


Title:  budding scholars- a tribute to Edducation

medium:  acrylic paint on canvas

size: 30"by40"

Title:  Tufam ( diluted and sweet yoghurt in Fulani)

medium: acrylic on canvas

size: 22"by28"



Title: Still with apple and flowers

medium: acrylic on canvas

size: 16"by20"


Title: African lion

medium: acrylic on canvas

size: 16"by20"

Title: Caring and Dedicated mom

medium: acrylic on canvas


Title: nder drum 

medium: acrylic on canvas

size: 16"by20"


Title: Senegalese drum

medium: acrylic on canvas

size: 30" by40"

Title: Drum Player

medium: acrylic on canvas

medium: 16"by20"

Title: waist beads

medium: acrylic on canvas

size: 30"by40"



 Works of art are more than beautiful representation of things.  They are powerful tools of communication capable of leaving lasting impressions on thought and inspire positive action.  Through the expressive power of lines colors, and forms, the artist can tell compelling stories and spread positive messages that can contribute to making our planet a better home.  It is through this selfless devotion to others that Art can make a huge difference.